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Population approx. 855,020,000
Languages Standard Caropsyne, Phett Language
Other names Gesphea, Tolmara
Population Centres
  • Carops
  • Charlia/Polythia
  • Phosmara
Religion Caropsyne Pantheonism, Atheism, Local Religions
National Anthem Asaragusta Polsimanes
National Symbols Phett Flutes, the Horse
Literacy Rate: 99.8% )

The Phett People are an ethnic group living within the Caropsyne Pontanore. Arriving in the Kingdom of Carops in the Second Pelsai Age, the Phetts were a maritime trading people whose origins are unknown. In Phett folk belief, reference is often made to a mythical homeland named "Gescenscia," which could refer to a chain of islands in the Great Caropsyne Sea. Phetts are the single largest self-identified minority group in the Kingdom of Carops, and form part of the single largest ethnic block within the Pontanore. Caropsynes of mixed Phett heritage make up approximately 26% of the Population of the Pontanore. It is estimated that the Phett-descended population is around 855,020,000 people.


  • Euvodoran Phetts
  • Social Phetts
  • Non-Caropsyne Phetts

[edit] Culture

Phetts are traditionally a deeply religious people, following the Caropsyne Pantheonist religion. There are small minorities of Phetts who worship other deities or local religions, but these a a rarity. Traditionally, Phetts have had a conservative culture, and have invested heavily in the arts. Phett painting, decoration and cuisine have all heavily contributed to Caropsyne identity. The cultural centre of the Phett people is Ariatra.


[edit] Identity

In real terms, many people who claim to be Phetts are not, and many people who reject association with the Phetts are. The majority of "Caropsynes" are of mixed Phett, Lindite and Pelsai heritage. Many of these people, based on their geographical homes or family names may consider themselves to be Phetts. Many Phetts choose to describe themselves as Caropsynes first and Phetts second, as most are of mixed descent. When the term "Phett" is used on the Pontanore census, it refers to people of pure Phett descent, who have not mixed with the other Caropsyne peoples. Whilst the size of this population is smaller, it is still around 240 million people. The Phett people categorise themselves as Phetts based on their religious practices, cultural practices, and ethnic descent. Whilst people of mixed descent can be counted as Phetts, they must possess a patrilineal line of Phett descent to be recognised by the Nationality Directorate.

Phetts are interesting in that they have contributed much to the Caropsyne identity, whilst sometimes remaining seperate from it. Typically Caropsyne surnames are usually of Phett roots, from the rich Phett language. The Phett Language is widely spoken in the Pontanore, although it is a secondary language to Standard Caropsyne. The majority of Phetts are not brought up to speak the Phett Language, although a sizeable minority do speak it. It is thought that around two-thirds of Phetts have a basic knowledge of it, making it the third most spoken language in the Pontanore.

[edit] Population Centres

Phett culture is centred around the Administrative Division of Ariatra, Carops. Here, as well as in the divisions of (Phettsca) Phettlands, Marinesca Poltera (The River Lands) and Phontos-Ei, Phetts of pure descent are the majority of the population. When mixed Caropsyne-Phetts are added to the total, over 85% of the population is counted for.

Non-Caropsyne Phetts are a minority within the Pontanore, and are generally descended from Phett travellers who originally settled outside the Pontanore, before returning to join the large Phett community. They maintain their own traditions and language practices, but are included in the Phett population figures. The largest population centre for this community is Ariatra, followed by Polmona in Euvodora.

Euvodora's population is 35% Phett. The Phett population there is often more distinct than Phett populations in Carops. The large population of Non-Caropsyne Phetts and Ardalians have led the Phetts of Euvodora to consider themselves a race in their own right, rather than part of the Caropsyne race. Similarly, around 10% of Jajiland is Phett, with 4% of Polythia Interior. These communities are often not of mixed descent and so are ethnically purely Phett, leading to a greater sense of identity within them.

Phosmara is also home to large numbers of Phett and Caropsyne-Phett people. It is thought that around 60% of the population there has Phett ancestry, although 85% of Phosmarans classify themselves as Caropsyne, rather than Phett. The same can be said for all Charlian colonies, where even Euvodoran Phetts class themselves primarily as Caropsynes.

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